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Peachjar is an innovative way to deliver your eflyer directly to parents’ inboxes. We also post your eflyer on school websites, so parents can easily find, view and share your eflyer. With Peachjar, you can maximize exposure for your activity, program or event while helping schools save time, money, and lots of trees!

5 credits are needed to post a flyer to one school for up to one month. 3 credits are required for each additional month. Use the calculator below to determine how many credits you will need. Purchase exactly what you need or buy in bulk and save! Peachjar credits never expire.

How many credits do I need?

Schools Month(s) Post # of Flyers Credits Needed Total Price (USD)
x x =
Price Per Credit
Total Price (USD)
Save 10%
Save 15%
Save 20%
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Frequently Asked Questions about Credits

What are Peachjar credits?

Peachjar credits are the currency used to submit flyers through our site.

How do I get credits?

Credits can be purchased at any time by clicking on Buy Credits from the left side of your My Account page. You can also purchase credits upon completion of uploading your flyer as you checkout. The price per credit varies depending on the amount purchased. See pricing above for more information.

How many credits do I need?

You need 5 credits to post one flyer to one school for one month. Try our calculator above!

Can I buy credits for just what I need?

Yes, you can purchase the exact amount of credits required for your current eflyer postings. However, for maximum savings, we recommend purchasing a package that meets your ongoing needs.

How long are my credits good for?

Peachjar credits never expire. You may use them right away or save them for a future posting.

Why does Peachjar use credits?

This pricing system allows enrichment providers to take advantage of volume discounts. This system also benefits those who post school-specific flyers and those who post more than once per year.