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We have made it our mission to find ways to increase teaching time. On that front, Peachjar has been a godsend. We now know that flyers get to our parents electronically without taking any class instruction time away from teachers.

Daniel Voelpel

Public Information Director,
Tacoma Public Schools

Peachjar is very easy to use. It will help our district accomplish our goal of becoming greener.

Pam Little-McDaniel

Director of Public Information,
Florence School District One

Since using Peachjar we’ve certainly noticed how much more streamlined the process has been, making it easier for both administrators and users alike.

Charles Crosby

Director of Communications and Community Engagement,
Evergreen School District

At first, we were worried about our parents accepting electronic flyers. But everyone is so happy with Peachjar! Our PTA's are thrilled that they're no longer burdened with paper flyers.

Karen Parks

Deputy Superintendent,
Fairfield Public Schools

The most valuable cost reduction is in the staff hours that are needed to bundle and deliver flyers to each schools.

Javier Bermudez

Recreation Specialist,
City of Oceanside Parks and Recreation

Teachers actually gave us a standing ovation the first week we launched Peachjar because they noticed that the paper flyers immediately stopped coming through.

Jeremey Nishihara

Director of Publicity and Communications,
Cupertino Union

I am a parent of three children – all at different schools. I’m no longer getting three flyers about the same event! We do reuse and recycle, but I love getting information in one place with Peachjar. Brilliant!

Anonymous Parent

Flagstaff Unified School District

Peachjar has provided Fort Wayne Community Schools with the opportunity to continue supporting community organizations while reducing the amount of time and resources we commit to distributing flyers.

Krista Stockman

District Public Information Officer,
Fort Wayne Community Schools

We love

David Lorden

Area Supertintendent,
San Diego Unified School District

The implementation and usage so far has been flawless. Peachjar completely streamlines my approval process!

Chris Coplan

Director Public Relations,
Peoria School District 150

I am also an entrepreneur. Peachjar is a great idea and a well-designed, easy to use website. Also, your customer service response has been excellent.

Beth Wright

Boy Scouts,
Ladue School District

This is the direction that school communication is going.

Melanie Norton

Community Relations Coordinator,
Temecula Valley Unified

Peachjar has been active for 3 months and has already eliminated the printing of 614,000 flyers which equals 1,228 reams of paper weighing approximately 3

Renee Smith

Confidential Secretary to the Superintendent,
Cupertino Unified School District

The process was very easy and the people at Peachjar were extremely

Rachelle Sander

Recreation Coordinator,
City of Cupertino's Quinlan Community Center

In addition to the environmental benefit of going paperless, Peachjar has saved our schools considerable staff time. The volume of paper flyers we were distributing by hand in our classrooms was staggering.

Anthony Millican

Director of Communications and Community Development,
Chula Vista Elementary School District

Definitely beats running to Kinko's to make copies and then distribute!

Don Phillips

Tri-Cities Little League

Peachjar has enabled us to stretch our budget to reach more kids than we were able to using traditional paper flyers. We can create a beautiful flyer to advertise our auditions and shows to interested kids in North County.

Heidi Leven

Center Stage Productions

Our parents expect electronic communication. With Peachjar, we’ve found a highly effective way to send full-color eflyers directly to parents to inform them about upcoming activities and

Laura Boss

Director of Communications,
Newport Mesa Unified School District

Our transition to eflyer distribution has been well-received by our school community. Groups in our community are realizing cost savings and have seen increased participation in events and programs due in large part to our new flyer distribution program facilitated by Peachjar.

Mychal Frost

Public Information Office,
Clover School District

We love Peachjar! It has been such a relief not to have the constant stream of flyers coming into the office. The teachers absolutely love sending home the Thursday Folders with only curriculum based materials inside. Parents seem more focused on the classwork sent home. Peachjar is a true time and tree saver!

Connie Lockhart

Secretary II,
Regnart Elementary School

Peachjar works great! Flyer delivery is so easy.

Kelly Harris

Westside Recreation Center

We had in excess of 100 registrations that we could directly tie to the Peachjar flyer!

Chick Walsh

Next Level Flag Football

Peachjar is very easy to use. It is helping our district accomplish our goal of becoming greener. School staff and parent clubs have been very enthusiastic about this initiative.

Kelly Cliff

Webmaster and Information Specialist,
Napa Valley Unified School District

What can I say? Peachjar is simply incredible. My organization was able to fill two summer camps in less than 48 hours! I am still in shock.

Adam Hamlin

Folsom Karate Academy

The approval system is simple and quick!

Elaine Watts

District Staff,
Lakeside Union

I love using your site and am so happy schools can go green in this way!

Czarina Piniol

Bonsall Unified School District